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How To Buy

1. We retail a variety of sex products to adults for their benefit. Once logged in, you can select any product of your choice and click on the "buy" button.

2. You are taken to your shoping cart page that displays all the products you have selected and the total cost. Click on "place order" if you are done shoping

3. Next is a checkout address page, select the address where you want your products shipped to, or enter a new address and then click continue

4. Next is the delivery information page which displays the cost of delivery based on your specified checkout address and the address where your products will be shipped to, click change address to change the location, click continue when you are done. Also ensure to specify your prefered date and time of delivery in the appropriate box.

5. You are taken to the payment information page which displays available payment options for you. Select a payment option. Click on continue.

6. Confirm the products you are purchasing, the shipping method, payment method and shipping address, and then click on confirm order.

7. A success page comes up displaying, click on continue to return to the homepage. Ensure you call or sms your bank teller details for bank transfer payments.