About Us

ZEE Virtual Media is an online novelty store which retails a variety of sex products to adults for their benefit. Our range of products cater to three major areas of human need:

- Sex education (For kids, teens and adults)

- Sex therapy and revitalization (For teens and adults)

- Sex products (For adults only)

Sex Education

Very often you hear the words 'sex education' randomly tossed around, especially in safe sex advertisement campaigns and other programmes aimed specifically at teenagers and loosely at the general public. However, whereas we talk the talk, we have struggled to walk the walk involved. Who is educating who in Nigeria and how much is being done by way of sex education? Truth be told, sex education has been a very difficult subject especially here in Africa, for obvious reasons. How can societies that shy away from sex talk be able to educate their children and citizens in general about sex? They simply cannot and for this very reason, sex education has not succeeded in our part of the world. Unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases remain on the increase here in Africa, as proof that we are not making significant progress in this area. This is not to say that efforts are not being made, but a lot more needs to be done. Simply putting out the information, 'Aids kills. Use a condom', does not begin to qualify as adequate and effective sex education. We need to delve more into the subject of sex with the aim of familiarizing our people with comfortable and helpful sexual information, intended to enlighten us and hopefully shape our habits. This is what Zee Virtual Media is about. 

In addition, some of our products also cater to a different kind of sex education, which goes beyond dissuading the public from unprotected and indiscriminate sex. In recognition of the fact that there are no programmes in our universities or anywhere whatsoever educating adults on how to understand and pleasure the opposite sex for mutual benefit and togetherness, we have been able to source books and audio visual media that fill in these gaps. 

ZEE Virtual Media is fully committed to these causes and therefore aims to re-orientate the public by gradually eliminating their embarrassment, reservations and shortcomings in this area through our educational books, pamphlets, newsletters, articles, films and other products. For instance, some of our books are specifically tailored towards enabling parents and policy makers develop communicative skills and strategies that will aid them in discussing sex and related issues with children. Some of our other books are specifically designed for children to read themselves, with safe, appropriate and educational content. And so on. Now this is a remarkable development in our society because ordinarily, most parents have no idea of how to go about discussing sex with their kids, the result of which is ignoring the subject with very fatal consequences. Children inevitably end up searching the internet and other sources for pornography, which is not information they need at their age. Pornography is essentially recreational material for adult gratification and education only. We have a saying at our centre which goes like this: For every young person out there who is a victim of an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease, there is also a father and a mother who failed to prevent this calamity through the education that they could have given. We must capitalize on every relevant opportunity to educate our children and ourselves. 

Sex Therapy And Revitalization

Relationships don't just work. You keep working on them.

Uche Edochie


Like anything in life that can only succeed through care and maintenance, the above expression is so true. It is common knowledge that we are often unable to tend to our relationships, particularly our love lives. The cause of this is even understandable. Life is so hectic and demanding that we can barely make out time to breathe, relax and gain perspective on the day, let alone tend to each other’s every need. Besides, because we do not go to school to study relationships and how to be a good boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, we generally assume that no special education is required for anybody to be good in bed or in his or her relationship. Nevertheless, problems exist to be solved not ignored, especially as it affects the very crux of our relationships and ultimately our families- for those of us that are married.

We at ZEE Virtual Media also recognize that in addition to performance problems such as erectile dysfunctions and general lack of interest in sex, there are other causes of sexual performance anxiety and inadequacy which go beyond the physical. Often times, they are psychological especially among victims of abuse, rape and persons that experience painful intercourse (Vaginismus). Hence, beyond the mere sale of sex products, our organisation is committed towards a sustained and rigorous healing and revitalization of your sex life through information and treatments you can obtain from our books, films, supplements, lotions and several other products tailored to your specific needs.

Sex Products 

In researching and building the concept and projected services of our organisation, we have had to analyse human progress over the years and this is what we found out. Practically all areas of human endeavour designed to solve human problems have significantly evolved over the years for the better, with the exception of our attitude to sex. Think about it. If you have a headache, there are numerous drugs and multiple therapies for its treatment. You can have your pick. If the current computer you are using can no longer get all your work done when and how you want it, you can always acquire a newer and more capable model. There is an endless range to choose from. If you are tired of watching the same old two to three channels of local television with bad picture quality and limited exciting programmes, you have the option of getting cable TV or a satellite dish with numerous channels and loads of entertainment. And so on and so forth.  But what happens to a married couple after the kids have come and reality intervenes, with the hectic engagements of daily life gradually eroding their passion and attraction towards each other? They simply grow apart and watch their relationships fall to pieces, believing that this is their fate. Some end up in very messy divorces while others have affairs, with numerous consequences. The ones who choose to remain in their pathetic relationships simply because they do not see a way out, wind up living a life of misery and regret. And the list goes on and on, all of which is predictably tragic.

Life is difficult as it is and we need all the help that we can get to make it a little bearable. Sex was designed as an avenue through which couples can bond and get relief from the cruel demands of modern life, amongst other things. But then great and enduring sex between couples cannot flourish without external help because we eventually run out of ideas and enthusiasm. To make matters worse, solutions to such problems are not taught in school…and definitely not in Sunday school! In addition, ours is a society where people keep their sexual problems to themselves and suffer in silence. Occasionally, you hear about how you should spice up your sex life and save your relationship but nobody is coming forward to tell you exactly what to do! So what do you do? You run to the market and buy a thong, as if that can single handedly revive your sex life! How?! 

Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seat belts. We are thrilled to announce that help has finally come. The revolution has begun in more ways than you can imagine for the benefit of your love lives and sexual health. This is what we at ZEE Virtual Media are here for. We are committed to enabling you reclaim and maintain a phenomenal love life. We have an incredible range of products in store for you with much more to come. And now, we are adding a free dating service too for those who want to be in relationships and get married but are too busy or too shy to date. So enjoy all we have in store for you. You deserve it, and you should not be embarrassed by it.

Our Policies

At ZEE Virtual Media, we are committed to legitimate operations especially given the questionable nature of the adult sex industry. Therefore, we operate under the following policies:

- We do not sell adult sex products to persons below eighteen years of age.
- We do not sell products designed to inflict physically harm on people or that can be dangerous to the health of users. This explains why we have few penis enlargement pills for sale, considering that most of those contain the extract Yohimbe (horny goat weed), which though potent, has been proven to be harmful to people with high blood pressure, diabetics and also those with certain heart conditions. Always consult your doctor before using any oral penis enlarger or aphrodisiac. Your safety comes first. 
- We are not a pharmacy so we only sell non-prescription supplements, for the protection of our enthusiastic clients. For this very reason, the potent and wildly successful drugs such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are not sold by us. But we have other equally effective herbs alternatives.
- All products and films advertised and sold by us undergo the strictest international approval processes to ensure that every item conveys a positive and healthy portrait of human sexuality.
- We are not in control of how the products sold by us are eventually used by consumers and therefore, we will not be responsible for their misuse.

We wish you the very best in your love lives. You will have tons of fun shopping with us.

Uche Edochie
ZEE Virtual Media