Question 1 

Dear Zee Virtual Media, I have been following your progress since your inception a year ago. First of all, I want to congratulate you on your phenomenal progress and commitment to sex education. We have seen you introduce some really exotic products into the Nigerian market and most recently, love furniture. Well done. Are you at any point going to begin dating services?
Your biggest fan,

Dear Joe, thank you so much for your readership and support. The idea of a dating service is one that I have been thinking about. I know how vital it can be because I have friends overseas who met and married their spouses on the internet. So it works and good things can come out of it. The idea is one that I have been refining and perfecting before taking the decision to introduce it. You see, there is a thin line between a dating service and prostitution. If a dating service is not well structured and managed, one can end up prostituting people and that is not what we do at Zee Virtual Media. But the idea of a great dating service is one that appeals to me. It reminds me of old fashioned match making that our parents and ancestors practiced which is wonderful. Not everybody has the opportunity or courage to work up to a total stranger and initiate a conversation that they hope will lead to a romantic relationship. So dating services definitely make the process of finding a lover a lot easier. I will be glad to introduce a version of dating service that will help people all over the country. But it must be decent, safe and lawful as usual. I am working on it. 

Question 2

Dear Dr. Uche, I am a forty two year old married man and I am very curious about the subject of satisfying women. To cut a long story short, how does one know when a woman is sexually satisfied? One thing is for sure. Women themselves find it difficult providing this answer. 
Mr. Paul

Dear Paul, thanks for your mail. This is such an important question you have raised because sexual performance and satisfaction is a subject that resonates with all adults. The most difficult part of this subject is that women themselves hardly talk about sex and generally shy away from the subject even after marriage. A lot of the people whose wives and girl friends have cheated on them in the past on the grounds of unsatisfactory sex probably didn’t know they were not satisfying their female partners. This is what I always tell people. Just to ensure that sexual satisfaction will never be an issue between the two of you, buy her a vibrator and an orgasm gel for a start. She can always supplement with her sex toy if she is not getting enough from you. It is better than cheating. Adult toys are practical and very effective in dealing with such issues. Secondly, make no assumptions about your sexual skill. Step up your sexual skills and general knowledge by investing in books and movies. No other person will teach you these things. Thirdly, pay attention. Always remember that it takes women a longer time to climax during intercourse. During love making, pursue a balanced goal which is mutual sexual enjoyment. If penetrative intercourse pleasures men the most, it is clitoral stimulation that really gets women off. Invest also in performance enhancing products such as the Marathon Cream, Stay Hard Cream and the Love Stuff All Night Long Erection Cream. Women occasionally make fun of men due to their inability to last longer than four minutes during intercourse. The above products will make a big difference by delaying your ejaculation and buying you valuable minutes of performance time. Finally, remember that romance is very important to women, so be romantic as often as you can. Romance doesn’t always have to do with buying her stuff. It is about paying attention and making her feel loved and attended to. Women love attention. So, if you are able to do the above, you will do just fine. Chances are that the issue of sexual dissatisfaction will never come up in your relationship. 

Question 3

Dear Mr. Uche, thank you for your wonderful articles. Any week you fail to publish, I panic. Please make sure you don’t miss. My question is, how does one stop a man from cheating? My relationship is young and I am a bit possessive because I worry about my boy friend cheating on me. Please reply and don’t use my real name.

Dear Gladys, thanks for your mail. When I publish these questions and answers for the benefit of our readers, I never use the real names of any of the people making enquiries, for the sake of their privacy. The sexual concerns of individuals is a private matter and we try to keep it that way. Let me first say that the issue you have raised is a very major one. Infidelity is real and very common. Why do men cheat? The reasons are too many but generally speaking, men are genetically predisposed to seek out more than one sexual partner. As controversial as this might sound, it is the truth. Man is not monogamous by nature. Monogamy is an acquired culture, a life style man has been trained to embrace and hopefully perfect. But it is difficult to cheat nature because fidelity does not come naturally. It requires a lot of work, discipline and even spiritual strength. That is precisely why our ancestors married more than one woman. The rationale behind polygamy is that rather than cheat on your wife just because you are seeking sexual variety, you might as well marry more than one wife and legitimise the life style of having more than one woman. Of course polygamy has its own problems too so I am not about to recommend it. 

So my dear, men are polygamous by nature but that doesn’t justify the cruelty of infidelity. It just explains it. I could give you a million other reasons why men cheat, which will largely focus on sexual dissatisfaction but that still will not fully explain man’s infidelity. There are a lot of men who are in very satisfying relationships and still cheat. Why? Because they are men. The urge will always be there. Self control does not come naturally. It requires a lot of practice and discipline. However, there are a few things a woman can do in order to narrow down the risks of her lover cheating on her. First of all, don’t be stingy with sex. Be generous. Secondly, try not to use sex to punish your boyfriend or husband when he offends you. It almost always backfires. Thirdly, buy him a sex toy, preferably a masturbator. It is practical and very effective in relieving men of sexual tension and the perpetual need to get off through sex. One thing is for certain, no matter how generous you are in bed, men can never get enough. It is their nature. Best wishes.

Question 4

Dear Zee Virtual Media, thank you so much for your awesome article last week. I am addicted to Mr. Edochie’s articles now and I am his fan for life. I have been wondering weather sex without penetration is considered sex. Is it? I am an adult Christian woman in my late twenties and I believe in sex after marriage. My religion clearly disapproves of premarital sex. But the pressure is too much. When I fall in love with a guy, before too long, the issue of sex comes up and I don’t know what to do. I try to avoid penetrative sex but then I do everything else …. I don’t know. Is there a difference for instance between vaginal intercourse and oral sex? Please reply. Thanks again and keep up the good work. 

Dear Anita, thank you so much for your mail. The issue you raised is a major one and it bother’s the average religious person. Let me begin with sexual definitions and by definition, I am not just talking about what the dictionary says. Today, there are all kinds of sexual acts. There is oral intercourse, vaginal intercourse, rectal intercourse, hand job, boob job, foot job, sadomasochism, bondage etc. So why are all these sexual acts considered intercourse you might ask? That is because they all have the following in common:

a. They all involve the genital stimulation of at least one of the partners.
b. The participants derive sexual pleasure from their chosen type of intercourse.
c. The participants have nothing but sex on their minds during any of the above activities. 

Now this is my first point. I quite understand your dilemma; after all there are different stages of physical involvement between couples that eventually lead to any of the above sexual acts. There is flirting, kissing, touching and heavy petting (smooching). I am sure you and our multitude of readers all have the same question in mind. At what point in any of these stages can one be considered to have had sex? Anita the problem with bringing religion into sex is that it is impossible to have a rational and satisfactory answer about sex when you throw religion into the mix. For instance, I happen to know that the Christian bible teaches that if someone as much as thinks about having sex, it is as good as having had sex. Can you see how complicated things get when religion comes into the matter? If you really break it down, there are two kinds of people in this world. 

a. Those who have had sex.
b. Those who are thinking about having sex.

So, if we are to apply this biblical teaching to the above groups of people, there is really no difference between them since they both attract the same degree of condemnation. So where does that leave us? You know what I personally think? There is an Ibo proverb that says that if you are going to eat a frog, you might as well eat a big one. The implication of this proverb is that it is all the same thing. However, if you want to know what I think you should do, all I can say is, do what your heart tells you. The implications are all the same. If you are not having sex, you are obviously thinking about it. So what’s the difference? I wish you the best.

Question 5

Dear Zee, good day. I was circumcised earlier in life so I do not enjoy sex. Unlike me, my husband’s sexual drive is very high. What can I do to enjoy sex again? Thanks.

Dear Anonymous, thanks for your mail. My sincere apologies for this inhuman act carried out on you. Like I keep on saying, it is criminal to deprive another human being the ability to ever enjoy sex. I guess that is one of the consequences of illiteracy. The people who carry out this female circumcision claim it will stop women from being promiscuous which is ridiculous. By the same token, they might as well cut off the hands of their children too so that they may never steal. What is the difference? You cannot chop off part of an innocent child’s body because of something they MAY do when they grow up! Attraction is a mental thing. Sexual attraction begins from the mind and the last time I checked, the human brain is not located on the genitals! Sexual desire can never be eliminated from the human system so circumcision is pointless and very destructive. Again I sympathise with you and I know how this must have affected your marriage. The clitoris in a woman’s body contains the highest concentration of nerve endings. It serves no other biological purpose but to give women sexual pleasure when stimulated and by the way, women all over the world have a right to enjoy sex as much as men do. Anyway, here is what you can do. There is a secondary G Spot located on the vaginal roof (about an inch into the entrance). Stimulating this spot, especially with a G Spot vibrator or a rabbit vibrator gives women pleasure too. You and your husband should explore that and I wish you the best in your married life. 
Best wishes.

Question 5

Dear Zee Virtual Media, thank you for your terrific articles. Your MD is a devoted and intelligent man and he talks a lot of sense. My friends and I want your products. I am a middle aged woman in my forties and I do not use the internet. I want a vibrator and an orgasm gel. I have read about them for months now and all my life I have focused on taking care of my husband’s needs and my kids. I think mummy deserves to take care of her self too. How can I shop with you and have my products delivered to me? Thank you and keep up the good work. 

Dear Gladys, thank you so much for your support and compliments. Anybody who is an adult can actually shop with us, with or without the internet. You can always call us on the phone and place your orders. The beauty of the internet is that you get to see ALL of our products and then make a choice. But in the absence of the internet, our customer service personnel will advice you on what vibrator best fits your budget and needs over the phone. We have over twenty different types of sex toys for women and our users love them all. As for delivery, we bring your orders to you well gift wrapped and put them in your hands. Except you instruct us to deliver to someone on your behalf, we deliver to you and you alone. If you are outside Lagos, then all you have to do is to pay into our account and you will receive your products within forty eight hours of payment. Some people wonder how they can place orders from outside Lagos but about fifty percent of our business actually comes from outside Lagos. We cover the whole of Nigeria from here and everybody who has ever ordered from us received their products. Some first time clients panic about paying for something before receiving it but guess what? That is the nature of internet shopping all over the world. It is payment before deliver everywhere you go on the internet. You are paying money into our Zee Virtual Media bank account after which you are issued a teller by the bank which is the equivalent of your receipt. Under such a circumstance, you are protected. Nobody will take your money and run. Zee Virtual Media is a registered and traceable business. Your teller is your proof of payment and therefore protects you against fraud. That is why I structured bank payments for clients outside Lagos for their peace of mind. Thanks again and have a great day.
Best wishes.

Question 6

I am Hassan from Bauchi. What will happen if I am not wearing a condom during sex?

Dear Hassan, thanks for your question which now seems very strange in today’s world. I am sure you must have heard at some point that unprotected sex brings about unwanted pregnancies and subjects you to the dangers of contacting fatal sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, Syphilis, genital warts etc. Please use a condom always.

Question 7

Please what drugs should someone be taking to be sexually healthy? Please text me back. Thanks.

Dear Anonymous, thanks for your mail. Zee Virtual Media does not sell prescription drugs. We are not a pharmacy. However we have very good herbal supplements that boost sexual performance in men and women. One of them is called Adam’s Desire and the other is Vahard. We also have Herbal Viva (for women). They are all very good. Call or visit our site, www.zeevirtualmedia.com for more details. 
Best wishes.

Question 8

Good day sir. You are a blessing! I just spent the past three hours on your website viewing, printing and reading your articles on sex education. No amount of words I write will express my appreciation and gratefulness for your teachings (delivered in a creative, entertaining and reasonable manner). Your wife especially and your friends are privileged to have you in their lives. I pray that many more people learn from you. I will surely do my best to spread the news about you. Please keep up the excellent work.

Dear Tony, thank you so much for all your compliments. We love and appreciate feed back at Zee Virtual Media because that’s the ultimate indication of the effectiveness of our message. Thank you and guess what? Even the Nigerian government feels the same way. They called some time ago to say that they have been following Zee Virtual media and that they are impressed. I feel good about that too because I know that generally speaking, sex scares people. A lot of people distance themselves from sexual subjects because they are scared that something bad is going to come out of it. The truth of the matter is that any subject whatsoever can be discussed in a meaningful, beneficial and non vulgar manner and that is what I try to do every week in these articles and frequently asked sexual questions. I am glad that our message resonates very well with our readers and the Nigerian people in general. Thank you so much for all your support. Periodically, new articles will be uploaded on the website as well. 

Question 9

I am 24years old. I have not had sex nor a date with a girl in my life. Even when girls come close to me, I cannot talk to them. Please I want your advice on how to date and have sex with a girl. Thanks

Dear Joshua, thank you for your courage. You speak from the heart. Most people who have this problem will not admit it but you did and you will gain by doing so. I want to talk to you about women in general. Forget about sex for now. If you understand women, the sex part will naturally resolve itself when you are ready. We have all manner of books and films on learning about great sex at www.zeevirtualmedia.com. This is what you need to know. Women are nervous too. They are human beings like you and they are not all as cool as they appear. Infact when you get to know a few of them, you will realise that some of them are not that interesting. You must learn to make good conversation. That is the first thing. It is not going to be easy in the beginning but it gets easier with time. Do you know why girls play hard to get most of the time? It is not because they are not excited about being chased or loved. They are very excited. They just don’t want to appear cheap. We all know that when a girl comes too easily, we will not value her. Women know it too and they want to be valued, appreciated and respected. Even the women who tell you that they don’t need a man in their lives want to be loved too. What you have to do is to be bold, relaxed and interesting. Also learn to listen and know how to react. Guys often talk too much about themselves when on a first date. Ration your words. Ask her questions and draw her out too. Women love to talk so learn to listen. These are some of the things women look out for in a man. If you are scared, you will turn them off so be bold. And when you are in the presence of a girl, don’t wear that look on your face that says, ‘You are so beautiful that I want to have sex with you’. Women don’t like that. Remember that all their lives, men have been trying to sleep with them so they are naturally on the defensive and suspicious. They love sex too, but they want more. They want to know that you are not after them for sex alone. So be courageous, interesting and friendly. When you are with a woman you like, let her know and be nice, polite and respectful. Show interest but control your excitement. Give off that vibe that says, ‘I am interested in you but I have other options too’. Here is something you need to know. Women are very attracted to men who are already in relationships. Absolutely. Their thinking is that if another woman likes you enough to date you, then you are worth dating. So relax. Don’t make it a big deal. Girls are human. They don’t bite. They play hard to get initially and it’s all a game. But they love the chase and attention. There are more women than men in this world and eligible bachelors are scarce. Do the math. Women are the ones who panic the most about not having someone in their lives especially when they are in their late twenties. Trust me when I say that every woman wants to be in a relationship. So take care and take things easy. You will be fine. Keep in touch. I would like an update on your progress. 

Question 10

Dear Zee Virtual Media, do your masturbators function like the real thing? Nowadays that my wife is always tired at the end of the day, I really need one. How does it work and how do I get one?

Dear Anonymous, thank you for your mail. Masturbators are artificial sex toys for men, a lot of which resemble the real female sexual organ. A lot of them are portable and made of synthetic material called cyber skin. Cyber skin feels a lot like real skin and is elastic too like the real thing. But you need a lubricant in order to use it because unlike the human body, plastic toys don’t lubricate on their own. Masturbators are very helpful for men because they enable you relieve yourself of sexual tension without having to cheat on your wife. As you may know, infidelity will not just cost you your relationship or marriage but you can also catch life threatening diseases in the process. As for how you can get one, just call Zee Virtual media or visit our site, www.zeevirtualmedia.com and place your order. Simple as that. We deliver to you wherever you are. 
Best wishes.

Question 11

Dear Mr. Uche, I have been in a relationship with my girl friend for five years. We do not live in the same city. I am in Lagos and she is in Port Harcourt. Do I necessarily need to practice safe sex with her? Please let me know.

Dear George, thanks for your mail. The issue of protection during sex is a very serious one. The problem with trusting people that much is that you never really know what anybody is up to. You sound like a decent and informed chap and you may even be a faithful lover as well. But what about your girl friend? How faithful is she? I am sure you cannot tell for certain. Long distance relationships are not trust worthy. People get lonely and begin to see other people secretly. It is very common both amongs married and unmarried people. Have you both taken the HIV test lately? If not, how then do you know if you are positive or negative? Look, just use a condom and minimise the risk. That is the safest option on the table. Some partners perceive this as a lack of trust and will be offended if you want to use a condom with them. But your priority should be protecting your self. That is what smart people do. By the way you should both take the HIV test. Take care.

Question 12

Mr. Edochie hello, good day and thanks for your articles. They have been very helpful. I got married last weekend and my honey moon is in two weeks time. I want to take my wife to Obudu Cattle Ranch. The problem however is that I am very anxious. I want to put up a great performance, if you know what I mean. I have heard of different kinds of penis enlargers and I hear that your products work very well. But you see, I also happen to know that penis enlargement takes time. I need something that can give instant results. Time is running out. Do you have anything like that? Please let me know. I want to show this woman pepper! Wish me luck. Thanks. 

John hello, thanks for your mail. You just made me laugh so hard. So you want to show her pepper? Well, it is legal. She is your wife now. We have an instant penis enlarger called the Dick Plumper. It basically adds thickness to your member within minutes of application. But the result only lasts for a few hours which is okay. You can always re-apply the cream another day just before intercourse. Visit www.zeevirtualmedia.com and place your order or call the numbers below. Good luck with your honey moon. You will be fine, don’t worry. There are other great products that you should have with you which will help your love making a great deal as well. A massage lotion is very important. It is romantic, women love it and it helps put them in the mood. Ask for the Making Love Massage Lotion or the Kamasutra Massage Lotion. You also need an orgasm gel for your wife and an erection enhancer for your self. For your wife, get the Liquid Sex orgasm lubricant and for yourself, get the Love Stuff All Night erection cream or the Marathon cream. You want to show her pepper, right? Then you definitely need an erection enhancer. Buy her a silver bullet too. It is a very effective and affordable vibrator. Take care John.

Question 13

Zee hello, I need an erection enhancer that will arouse me when I need to have intercourse, but I am diabetic. What will you recommend for me? thanks.

Dear Edwin, there is a product called the Dickalicious Penis arousal gel. It is great for diabetic patients and it helps give an erection when you apply it. It is also edible and perfect for oral sex. Women love the taste especially the banana and coconut flavours. Another product that I will recommend for you is a toy, not a supplement. It is called a penile extension. A penile extension is basically a fake penis worn over your own penis. It was designed to enable men with weak erections or no erections at all carry on intercourse with their loved ones. It is also a product that any man can use. Thanks to this product, the love you are making does not have to come to an end when you ejaculate. You can wear this penile extension after ejaculation in order to continue your love making session until your wife climaxes as well. It is a great novelty. 
Best wishes.

Question 14

Dear Mr. Edochie, thank you so much for your enlightening weekly articles and question and answer sessions. Nobody has to worry about sexual performance anymore because Zee Virtual Media has all the answers. Well done. Have you ever considered opening a Shag Academy where people can take lessons on how to have great sex? I think you should open something like that. I will be your number one student and a model student for that matter! Keep it up.

Dear Joy, thanks for your mail. The idea of such an institution is a nice one. Perhaps in the future, one might consider something like that after discussing with the authorities. Sex is such a sensitive subject that I am not sure anybody can just open a school where people are taught how to have sex. But it is a great idea. Zee Virtual media is working on sex education seminars for the future though. Thank you.
Best wishes.

Question 15

Dear Zee Virtual Media, what do women want? I am tired. Somebody please tell me? My wife is driving me crazy!
Mr. Effiong

Dear Effiong, women are never direct with their sexual needs. But I can recommend products that can help you shed some light on what they want. We have new education al movies now such as What Women Want and More of What Women Want. Buy any of these movies and learn more. A vibrator for your wife is also a good idea. But apart from buying sex products, pend some time with her and just talk. Learn to listen too. Many a time, women just want to be heard. They need someone to talk to. They like to talk a lot. You have to learn how to pretend to listen, even if you don’t care about what they are saying. That’s life my friend. Some things are just not that simple. Women love attention. They want to hear that you love them all the time. They also need to be complimented on their clothes, make up and everything else. Just do these things. It will not solve all the mysteries of women but it will help a great deal. Take care.
Best wishes.

Question 16

Zee hello, my wife has been demanding for oral sex lately but I don’t feel comfortable about it. It must be because of the odour down there. Please how do I get her to stop asking for oral sex?
Mazi Chukwueke

Mazi hello, thanks for your mail. Oral sex is actually one of the most enjoyable female sexual experiences of all time. Depriving your wife of this experience is a bad idea. This is what you can do. There is a product called Feminine Fresh Wipes. It is a pack of scented aphrodisiac wipes that do two things. First of all they freshen women up when used, leaving them clean and beautifully scented. Secondly, they stimulate the female organ as well, thereby making intercourse very enjoyable for them. Just buy her this product and it will take care of your concerns. Don’t be scared of new experiences. It is safe, provided this sexual encounter is with a trusted partner who does not sleep around. Take care. 
Best wishes.

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Question 17

Mr. Edochie hello, good day. Thank you so much for your publications. I love your website. I logged unto your site to buy a vibrator the other day and saw so many of them. Now I don’t know which one to choose. Please tell me which one is the best. Thanks.

Okey hello, thanks for your mail. For the realistic vibrators, the Afro Wooper Vibrator is the best. For the rabbit vibrators, the Jack Rabbit is the best we have. Combine them with good orgasm gels and movies and you will be blown away. 

Hello, please what can I do about painful intercourse?

Dear Anonymous there are usually three major causes of sexual pain. 

a. Inadequate lubrication.
b. Dyspeurinia
c. Vaginismus

The very first cause of sexual pain can be easily treated with a good lubricant. Call Zee Virtual Media and ask for Probe Lubricant, Climax Fruit Bomb or Colt lubricant. As for the other causes, you will have to see your doctor for medical treatment. Urinary tract infection is also another cause of sexual pain.

Best wishes.

Question 18

Dear Mr. Edochie, how are you? I hope you are doing okay. I love your articles and I wanted to ask you about something. Your opinions on issue are usually honest and straightforward and I appreciate that. Before my wife and I got married five years ago, I was dating this other girl who later left the country for her master’s degree. I really loved her, but it was my wife that I eventually married- obviously. This other past flame and I remained in touch and she eventually came back to Nigeria about a year ago. I still have very strong feelings for her and we exchange what is more or less love notes or letters. My wife recently came across one of my letters to this other woman and went crazy. Now she says I don’t love her because I happen to also have feelings for someone else. Even though most people will not admit to it but my question is, isn’t it possible to love more than one person at a time? I keep on hearing that it is not possible but I have my own experiences to counter that. What is your opinion on the subject. Cheers man.

Dear Tony, thank you for your mail. I like questions like yours. They are real, educational and they make us think. Most of the time, people would rather avoid telling the truth about how they feel because a lie is safe and comfortable. Of course it is possible to love more than one person. That is exactly what you are experiencing and a lot of people go through the exact same thing, at different times in their lives. You see, love cannot be programmed and it cannot be rationed either. It just happens. It is a feeling. You don’t exactly wake up one day and say, ‘Today, I am going to fall in love’. It just happens and many a time, it happens several times with different people. That is life my friend. That is reality. But then we cannot date or marry everybody we love because it creates multiple problems too. The reason we profess love to just one person (whether it be wife, girl friend, husband, or boy friend), is to make them feel at ease and secure. We also do this in order to keep our relationships and marriages together. We hide our true feelings because it complicates things, besides, whoever said that the truth shall set you free, definitely was not referring to relationships. So, we don’t always tell the truth about love. I feel your pain my friend. Yes you can be in love with more than one person. What about those who marry more than one wife? Can they be accused of not loving their wives, and if so, who gets to determine the wives they love and the ones they don’t, and how exactly do they determine that? I have come to realise that in life, certain points of view are widely promoted because they seem easier to digest but nothing in life is simple. I also dare to say that the idea of true love being limited to one person must be a product of western thinking because our ancestors married several wives, which certainly contradicts that point of view. 

Question 19

Dear Uche, thank you for your articles. Sometimes it feels too good to be real. Honest discussions about sex and relationships are usually things we read about in foreign magazines. But somehow, you managed to make it possible here in Nigeria. Well done. I have a question. Typically, the love making process involves a lot of kissing, touching etc. I love to stimulate my wife with my fingers or tongue, both of whom are legitimate sexual acts commonly refered to as ‘fingering’ and ‘oral sex respectively’. She doesn’t like any of it. The absence of these preparatory acts in our love making routine just leaves me totally dissatisfied and frustrated. Too many restrictions…she is always saying, ‘Don’t do this and don’t do that. Don’t touch me here and don’t touch me there…’ Sex is not fun with her nowadays. What can I do about this? Thanks.

Dear Robert, thank you for your mail. Welcome to the familiar world of married people. What you are going through is called ‘being married’. You see, typically, before you get married, your fiancée is eager to try new things with you. She is eager to please you and present herself as being a lot of fun in bed. At that stage, her position in your life is still shaky. She has not officially become your wife. When however she becomes ‘Mrs. Robert’, everything changes. It is not like that with everybody but most people virtually complain about this same thing. This is a tough one. I am eager to find a quick fix for you but, I am coming up short. Issues like this require going back to the drawing board. What you need is couple’s therapy. If a professional does not tell her bluntly that her bedroom attitude is ruining your sex life, it will be difficult for you to move forward on the subject. In order to fix things between the two of you, we need her on board. We need an acknowledgement from her that something is wrong and that help is needed. For now, I can only recommend books, movies and toys. Whether or not she will be willing to go through these materials with you, is a totally different issue. But you have to start somewhere. Go for the following products: What Men Want (educational movie), Bad Wives (feature movie), Foreplay Book and a vibrator. I recommend these products because a lot of the things she has problems doing are very common place. The idea is that if she sees people like her doing these same things in every scene and sexual sequence in a book or movie, then she gradually begins to see them as crucial and inevitable aspects of love making. Let us hope that she is willing to learn something new. Take care.



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Question 20

Dear Uche, I have been married for twelve years now. I guess it is safe to say that we have been doing the same thing over and over again and I am bored. What can I do to spice up my marriage? Thanks. 
Mrs. Chuwkurah

Dear Mrs. Chukwurah, thank you for your mail. Generally speaking, there is nothing sexier than a sexually confident and adventurous woman who loves to share. If you fit that description, then there is so much that you and your husband can do. Begin with bedroom sex games. At Zee Virtual Media, we have different games such as the Dart Game, the Loving Game and Romance Roulette game to name a few. You see, the fun is in the unpredictability. Imagine entering the bedroom and not knowing exactly what you will end up doing? You can start by playing a game that involves throwing a dart, and acting out whatever sexual instruction or position that the dart falls on. Or you can do something that you have never done before, like being hand cuffed to the kitchen sink while your husband does things to you that I cannot mention here. This of course you can only do when it is just the two of you at home. You don’t want little junior stumbling into you and wondering what daddy’s tongue is doing between mummy’s legs. He will need years of therapy to overcome that one! And then of course, there is the vibrator. Have you ever used a vibrator? You should try one. Ask for the G Spot vibrator. It is very portable and great for G Spot stimulation. Have you ever made love while watching an adult movie play in the background? You can give that a try or you can write and act out short silly stories about police and thief, or the Cow Boy and the horny village Indian girl. Look, there are all kinds of fun and silly things that you and your husband can do, many of which are too descriptive for me to mention here. Just visit our website at www.zeevirtualmedia.com and see what we have. Take care and best wishes.

Question 21

Mr. Edochie, hello. Thank you for your amazing articles. We are still waiting for your book. I have a problem. I suffer from week erection and I have high blood pressure. I know about the herbal supplements Vahard and Adam’s Desire because you have done a wonderful job telling us about these products. I also know that you have mentioned that diabetic people and those who suffer from high blood pressure are not advised to take these supplements. So what can I do? Any hope for me? I cannot have intercourse with my wife and I feel her frustration. You have to figure something out. I beg you. Please write me back. Well done.
Mr. Ajayi

Mr. Ajayi hello. Thanks for your mail. Don’t worry, I have a perfect product for you. It is not a medicine. It is a sex toy called a Penile extension. It is like a fake rubber penis with a strap that you can wear and have intercourse with a woman for as long as you want. Women love it and those who suffer from a similar condition are in love with it too. Just call my office and ask for a Penile Extension. Even men who want to last longer use this particular product as well because after ejaculation, the sex does not have to end there. You can wear this product over your organ and continue the fun until you have an erection again. It is amazing. So, problem solved for now. Here is something else that I will do for you. I will have my staff email you the chemical components of Adam’s Desire and Vahard and you can run them by your doctor. He will determine whether or not you can take them. You never know. Your case may not be severe and you might be able to take one of these supplements you need after all. Keep hope alive and thanks for your mail. 
Best wishes.

Question 22

Uche hello. I want to last for twenty or more minutes before ejaculation. What’s the name of your product that can do that again? I cannot use the internet. Thanks.

Fola hello, there are two types of erection enhancers that we have at the moment. One of them is called Marathon Cream while the other is called the Stay Hard cream. I have used all of them and they are great. Take care.
Best wishes.