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7.5 Inch Penile Extension - Beige

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7.5 Inch Penile Extension is a new and fantastic penile extension for men. It is perfect for those who cannot get an erection at all or simply for men who like to have loads of fun and want to keep going even after ejaculation. Your lady will love it because with this thing, the party will never stops until she is spent. Realistic, hollow in the mi..


Black Leather Collar with Nipple Chain

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Black Leather Collar with Nipple Chain. Hot stuff. Very sexy. Very seductive. Every woman looks like a sex goddess wearing this during sex. You will be irresistible and he or she will do anything you ask them to do. ..


Brilliant X7 Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

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Brilliant X7 Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator is one of the most amazing and sophisticated thrusting vibrators we have ever had. And it is rechargeable so you don't have to worry about buying batteries or leaking batters damaging the terminals of your toy. It has multiple speeds of vibration and up and down thrusting motion. Every woman will love and enjo..


Bussy Vibrating Masturbation Cup

Orders (27)

Bussy Vibrating Masturbation Cup is a top of the range masturbator for men that is concealed in a cup for privacy especially for adults with kids or persons who live in a house with others. It is easy to use, feels like a real vagina and also vibrates to bring it to life, hence simulating the feeling of real sex. Do you want constant sexual satisfa..


Classic Pink Rabbit

Orders (21)

The Classic Pink Rabbit is a true classic and the very first of its kind that gave birth to a variety of rabbit - styled vibrator types and designed. It rotates, vibrates, pulsates and has a dedicated clitoral stimulator at your service. Now that is five star service. Uses batteries...


Cordless Silver Bullet Vibrator

Orders (37)

Cordless Silver Bullet Vibrator packs a surprising punch. If you are worried about bullets with long annoying wires, you will like this. It is powerful, pleasurable and easy to carry around. One piece...


Cute Dolphin Vibrating Cockring

Orders (12)

Cute Dolphin Vibrating Cockring is a superb male erection enhancer and female orgasm enabler. It is worn by men for the benefit of both the man and the woman. For the man, it enables him stay erect for much longer, even after ejaculation. That way intercourse can go on for longer and you will never be called a one minute man. For women, because thi..


Erotic Leather Whip - Pink

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Erotic Leather Whip - Pink. Lovely prop for lovers of playful bondage. Do you like to slap that ass and make it clap? With this you can tap that ass and make it quiver!..


Fox Clit Licker

Orders (2)

Fox Clit Licker is a beautiful new vibrator that gets the job in all manner of ways. With multiple speeds of vibrator and a dedicated clitoral licker, this bad boy can't get enough of that good stuff. And it is rechargeable so you need not worry about batteries. 7 inches long...


Geisha Sexy Masturbator

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Geisha Sexy Masturbator is a wonderful and realistic masturbator for male enjoyment that feels so real. You know that soft and fleshy feel of a woman? Yep. That is what you get with this baby right here and she never complains. Never has a headache. Does not ask for money. It is there just to please you when you want, how you want and as often as y..


Happy Grace Vibrating Bunny Eared Rabbit - Pink

Orders (14)

Happy Grace Vibrating Bunny Eared Rabbit - Blue is a fantastic and cute toy that keeps men erect even after ejaculating while vibrating to keep their women stimulated till they climax as well. Are you a one minute man? Then don't worry. With this toy you can last an extra 20 to 25 minutes even after ejaculating, with a solid erection to wreck anyth..


Lap Strap Penis Extender Tension System

Orders (18)

Lap Strap Penis Extender Tension System is an incredible and reliable penis enlarger that relies on the gradual stretching of the skin tissues of the penis for its enlargement. It is easy to use. The smaller upper half is strapped to the penis while the bigger lower half is strapped to the lap and then stretched tight to draw the penis. Note that t..


Mary Sucker G Spot Vibrator

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Mary Sucker G Spot Vibrator is a one of a kind vibrator that not just vibrates but also stimulates your internal g spot while also sucking your clitoris. That's right. It sucks the clitoris good so you can imagine how good this toy is. It is also rechargeable and needs no batteries. ..


Non Skid Slim Butt Plug

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This is a slim red rubber butt plug with textured surface. Holds lube and maintains body temperature. 5 inches top to bottom and .75 inch wide at its thickest point.    ..


Party All Night Vibe

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A vibrator essentially vibrates. This seven inch vibrator does just that while rescuing you from an un-orgasmic life. Great vibration for a great price too..

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