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10 Speed Large Electric Wand Massager - Black

Orders (27)

Put a smile on your face today with this vibrator of champions. The 10 Speed Large Electric Wand Massager - Black is a super duper big sized massager that is electric powered for maximum vibration and mutiple orgasms. The advantage electric powered vibrators have is that they don't have the usual complications of battery acid leaking and damaging t..


Cordless Silver Bullet Vibrator

Orders (30)

Cordless Silver Bullet Vibrator packs a surprising punch. If you are worried about bullets with long annoying wires, you will like this. It is powerful, pleasurable and easy to carry around. One piece...


Lip Stick Vibrator - One Piece

Orders (34)

The Lip Stick Vibrator looks exactly like the female lipstick and comes in five different colours (red, pink, silver, purple and black). The vibration is strong and it is easy to carry along with you in your purse especially when you are traveling and you are worried about custom officials or your children knowing your business. So it is a covert l..


Mini Massager Key Holder Vibrator

Orders (3340751)

The Mini Massager Key Holder Vibrator is essentially a miniature wand with a single but powerful speed. You can have it attached to your car keys or house keys or any other key bunch and nobody will know that it secretly pleasures you whenever you choose. It is very efficient and affordable. Comes in different colours...


Mini Vibrating Tongue - One Piece

Orders (2)

Nice petite toy for those times when you are on a budget. Packs a punch too. Available in Pink and Blue...


Pink Double Vibrating Bullet

Orders (41)

Pink Double Vibrating Bullet gives you twice the fun. The major limitation that bullets have in general is that because of their small nature, they can only be used for clitoral massage and not for penetrative fun. But thanks to the Double Pink Vibrating Bullet, one bullet can be placed on the clitoris, while the slightly longer second bullet penet..


Textured Pink Double Bullet

Orders (1)

Amazing and affordable bullet combo with two size options, one of which is textured. Gets the job done and enables double penetration or even vaginal penetration combined with clitoral action. Awesome toy. ..


Usb Vibrating Wand - Purple

Orders (19)

Usb Vibrating Wand - Purple is simply a stunning multi speed vibrating wand for women's clitoral play. Great to have in the house because nosy kids will not know what it is. It does not look like a penis but it stimulates the clitoris so well to put a smile on mummy's face. Orgasms galore with this toy. Charges via usb. Needs no batteries. ..


Fantasy Love Cock Ring & Bullet

Orders (83)

This is a lovely combo pack for men and women that delivers the essential ingredients for fantastic love making at a very cheap price. Men worry about premature ejaculation a lot. With a cockring, it wouldn't matter when you ejaculate because you will remain rock hard for hard pounding sex for 20 to 25 minutes. While the bullet keeps the woman, sti..

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