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Hot Kiss Banana Flavored Lubricant

Orders (18)

Hot Kiss Banana Flavored Lubricant is great for general vaginal or even anal lubrication and for oral sex and arousal as well. It is edible and there perfect for all oral action. ..


Red Lips Orgasm Gel

Orders (14)

Amazing new orgasm gel for women. Great for lubrication, arousal and reaching orgasm. Helps eradicate vaginal dryness as well. ..


Warm Thermal Lubricant

Orders (13)

Warm Thermal Lubricant is a beautiful flavored and warming lubricant that sets the mood for a night of passionate love making. Like warm food, a warm vagina is welcoming and more enjoyable. And the reverse is the case. Cold vaginas are straight up hostile and not that much fun. So take advantage of this unique lubricant today to set your love life ..

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