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10 Speed Large Electric Wand Massager - Black

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Put a smile on your face today with this vibrator of champions. The 10 Speed Large Electric Wand Massager - Black is a super duper big sized massager that is electric powered for maximum vibration and mutiple orgasms. The advantage electric powered vibrators have is that they don't have the usual complications of battery acid leaking and damaging t..


Mini Massager Key Holder Vibrator

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The Mini Massager Key Holder Vibrator is essentially a miniature wand with a single but powerful speed. You can have it attached to your car keys or house keys or any other key bunch and nobody will know that it secretly pleasures you whenever you choose. It is very efficient and affordable. Comes in different colours...


Super Suction Rabbit Wand

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Super Suction Rabbit Wand is a vibrator simply on another level. This unique vibrator is both a rabbit vibrator on one end and a wand on the other end and that is not all. The wand head is also capable of sucking either your nipple or your clitoris. For real. The choice is yours. Now that is royalty. Amazing stuff. A must have for every woman who t..


Usb Vibrating Wand - Purple

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Usb Vibrating Wand - Purple is simply a stunning multi speed vibrating wand for women's clitoral play. Great to have in the house because nosy kids will not know what it is. It does not look like a penis but it stimulates the clitoris so well to put a smile on mummy's face. Orgasms galore with this toy. Charges via usb. Needs no batteries. ..

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