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Delay Condoms (3 pack)

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Ladies & gentlemen, you are looking at one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. This condom is designed to delay ejaculation and thereby making any man a super stud and champion who can last for over twenty five minutes in bed. Please wear the condom 5 minutes before penetration for maximum results. . ..


African Superman ( 8 tabs Pack )

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African Superman ( 8 tabs Pack ) is a strong and famous aphrodisiac that helps strengthen men's erection if it is weak and revives non existent erections. It is also helps men last longer in bed before ejaculating and boosts recovery time between erections. One pill of this bad boy is powerful enough to work for three to four days in your system on..


Black Ant King - 10 Pill Pack

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Black Ant King - 10 Pill Pack is our most powerful male performance enhancer that sorts out all manner of sexual problems from weak erection to no erection, no stamina and staying power, inability to embark on multiple rounds etc. One dose also works for three to five days. Ten pill pack. ..


Blue Turbo Male Performance Enhancer - 4 Pill Tab

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Blue Turbo Male Performance Enhancer - 4 Pill Tab. A very powerful aphrodisiac blend of natural and synthetic ingredients that helps men with erectile dysfunction and performance to get their mojo back. From no erection to weak erection, premature ejaculation, lack of stamina and slow recovery time, this very fast acting super aphrodisiac does it a..


FX 75000 Platinum 3D (6 pill pack)

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FX 75000 Platinum 3D is one of the leading male enhancement supplements in the market today. It is so powerful that one capsule of it lasts for four to seven Days. FX 75000 Platinum 3D does the following: - Control Premature Ejaculation and prolongs action - Maximizes Volume of Ejaculate - Increases Penis Length, Width and Performa..


G Female Oral Tablets (6 pill pack)

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G Female Oral Tablets is a fantastic and top of the line enhancement supplement for women with sexual dysfunctions. G Female Oral Tablets facilitates sexual desire and sexual responsiveness. G Female Oral Tablets promote the rapid growth of female hormones to stimulate sexual desire. It works in as little as 10 minutes but give 30 to 45 minutes bef..


Handsome Up penis Pump

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Handsome Up Penis Pump is very good for enlarging the penis and getting erection as well especially for persons who cannot take drugs for health reasons. When using the Handsome Up penis Pump for getting erections or strengthening erections, please combine it with a Cockring. This enables you maintain the erection you get for up to twenty minutes. ..


Happy Grace Vibrating Bunny Eared Rabbit - Pink

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Happy Grace Vibrating Bunny Eared Rabbit - Blue is a fantastic and cute toy that keeps men erect even after ejaculating while vibrating to keep their women stimulated till they climax as well. Are you a one minute man? Then don't worry. With this toy you can last an extra 20 to 25 minutes even after ejaculating, with a solid erection to wreck anyth..


Libigirl Arousal Pill (6 Capsule Pack)

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Libigirl Sex Enhancer, Female Sex Capsule, Herbal Sex Medicine For Women  Ingredients: Cordyceps Sinenisis, Flat-Stem Milkvetch, Chinese Dodder Seed, Ligustrum, Cnidium, Cherokee Rose, Walnut, Dong Quai, Astragalus Root.  Usage: Libigirl can be taken 30-60 minutes before sexual activity, however, for best results take it 3-4 hours before ..


Man Gels Lubricating Enhancer

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Man Gels Lubricating Enhancer is a wonderful male performance enhancer that aids men in the areas of arousal and long lasting intercourse. Best combined with oral sex pills for performance..


Max Man II Penis Enlarger - 30 Capsules

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Max Man II Penis Enlarger - 30 Capsules. Fantastic penis enlarger for men.  Enlarges Penis Quickly, Fast Effective. Male Sex Enhancer Specification: 30 pills/bottle Main Ingredients: Caterpillar fungus, acanthopanax, epimedium, wolfberry fruit, ginseng, saffron, tianshan mountain snow-lotus, seed of Chinese dodder; Efficiencies ..


Moving Out

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Roommates Sunshine, Bunny, and Michelle spend their last day together recapping some of their most memorable moments together before moving out of their shared apartment. Of course, some of the stories are as sexy as the girls and the three find themselves longing for one last tryst. After their sexed up stories and farewells, the girls are not onl..


Purple Textured Penis Extender

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Purple Textured Penis Extender is fantastic for preventing premature ejaculation and making your penis look bigger. Its texture also enables the woman experience sex in a manner that feels different, exciting, arousing and pleasurable. ..


Rhino 69 Platinum 3D ( 6 pill blister pack )

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Rhino 69 Platinum 3D is among the best all natural male enhancement supplements in the market today. It is so powerful that one capsule of it lasts for Days. Rhino 69 does the following:o        Free from Premature Ejaculationo        Maximize Volume of Ejaculateo  &nbs..


Rhino 7 Platinum 3D (6 pill pack}

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Rhino 7 Platinum 3D is among the best all natural male enhancement supplements in the market today. It is so powerful that one capsule of it lasts for Days. Rhino 7 does the following: o        Free from Premature Ejaculation o        Maximize Volume of Ejaculate o  &..

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